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Data has become an important commercial capital, which is creating a huge economic benefits. XTB will cooperate with an open mind, broad areas, diversity of cooperation and prospective the win-win situation, as well as creating a good ecological environment and sustainable development pattern for our cooperation partners.

XTB Valley Service

Fashion casual restaurant

It is managed by a Chongqing well known catering company called ChunDe Catering Co. Ltd, located at the lower ground floor, Building B3 of XTB Valley, floor area is almost 2000 square meters, has the ability to accommodate 800 people dining at the same time, includes Buffet, set menu, special local food and cafeteria. Meanwhile, the restaurant alsoprovide sawonderful place where for all the entrepreneurs or staff sharing their thoughts and information.

Contact No.:17783974776

Commercial facilities

life aesthetics Street

The aesthetics street covers an area of almost 1800 square meters, contains restaurant, cafeteria, offices supplies, laundry, Massage parlors and etc., satisfied the shopping and dining demand of the enterprises, fully performances XTB Valley's construction concepts, the "One week microcirculation living zone".

Sports and Culture street

Located besides the sports park of XTB Valley, contains table tennis, snookers, chess room, play-card room, library and etc. The sports and culture street, it aims to build a healthy, civilized and harmonious atmosphere for promoting spiritual civilization for XTB Valley.

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