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Industry Planning

Around the core technology needs of wisdom economy, Xiantao Vally highlights the “big data, small sensor, huge capacity storage and cloud application” as the technology frontier, and lays out three core industries including sensing, storage and data mining. It also builds up eight platforms including advanced consumer behavior big data platform, mobile computing solution platform, robot image chip design platform, a full set of 3D printing platform, Intelligent prototype production platform, intelligent speech recognition system platform, appearance design platform and intelligent prototype marketing platform, and develops N type intelligent man-machine intelligence and big data applications (i.e. "3+8+N" industry system). It represents the industry direction of the frontier wisdom in the big data era. Industry categories are divided into two major industries including the VVAR and big data. The target enterprises include big applications such as industry, aviation, finance, health, education, design, commerce, city management, and the industry leaders in virtual reality, UAV, service robot, intelligent wearing equipment, intelligent terminals.

8 public tech platforms

Consumer behavior big data analysis library- Acer

consumerbehavioranalysislibrary DatavalleyhadagoodcooperationwiththeDragons,Ericsson,Acer,buildacustomizedprofilefordifferentclient,inordertousespecificdataanaly

Mobile computing technology solution-ARM

Anchuang space, build up with ideas for startups or innovative projects , product feasibility , project implementation...

Robot graphic chip design- NVIDIA

Robot graphics chip design platform...

Big Data College

PNP Innovation Accelerator and Big Data College

Pnp Innovation Accelerator and Big Data Collegeit takes construction area of 140,000 square meters, with more than 100 internationally design awards, Mr. He who is from Hong Kong. His Architecture design bring visual impact and balance, highlighting the international, uniqueness, innovation, maximize stimulate innovative thinking entrepreneurs...

Incubator & Accelerator
PNP Innovation Accelerator and Big Data College

Overflow, innovation of science and technology group is a comprehensive development center for international coordination, diverse group. Business by technology innovation and cultural creativity, financial investment and innovation base. To effectively integrate personnel, capital, technology, market, through rapid docking effective resources, for the international market incubation and cultivate suitable for the development of local enterprises. Group adhering to the "global" and "subversive type of technical innovation" and "deep partnership" three major development idea, using Chinese and overseas opportunities of structural global innovation vigorously construction industry base, build the innovation industry chain.

Innovation Accelerator
Hand in Chongqing University , Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Institute to build a big data training service + platform + industry research service for enterprises to provide a large field of data technology , management, finance direction substantive training and innovative talents . In the mean time, incorporating with Microsoft , ARM, Google elements , the formation become a comprehensive integration services platform ...

Joint Laboratory

Polytechnic University Joint Laboratory

XTB Valley and Chongqing Polytechnic Universitydatabase build joint laboratories and data integration policies, focusing on organize XTB Valley resources, such as industry resources , internet resources and equipment resources. Chongqing University of Technology focused integration of human resources, accounting and auditing cloud, Mutual integration of international and domestic data related trade associations , multinational corporations, domestic enterprises, independent experts and other resources which joint together to create the industry's highest level representatives of the big data laboratory.

Research institutions

XTB Valley and Chongqing Telecommunications Research Institute build intelligent hardware detection public service platform. The platform is positioned to take full advantage of the western branch of the intelligent hardware standards , technical track, testing and certification.

Venture capital institutions
Investment Services

Data has become an important commercial capital and is creating enormous economic benefits. Data Valley will build a good industrial ecological environment and cooperation pattern for future sustainable development with open cooperation mentality, broad cooperation area, diversified cooperation pattern and win-win cooperation mechanism for our partners.